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Competitions and games

Only registered users can enter the games and are eligible to win prizes. During registration you have the option of supplying ‘prize delivery details’. The GFG makes every effort to contact winners during the week following the prize draw for each game. Winners are contacted by e-mail and or phone to confirm their prize delivery address. If the GFG cannot contact or does not receive a reply within 7 days of notification, the game will be redrawn to find another winner. 

Each game specifies who it is open to by region, age and other criteria deemed necessary. Entries that do not meet those conditions are excluded from the game draws.

The goodfoodgame's decision regarding competition winners is final and no correspondence will be entered into relating to such matters.  The supply of prizes is in all respects the responsibility of the sponsoring / participating company that is described in the game associated with the prize. The goodfoodgame and its management company Creative Resource & Management Ltd are not in any way responsible for either the supply or performance of prizes.

Prizes are not redeemable for cash or any other product or service unless agreed to by the sponsoring / participating company associated with the competition. Whereas every effort is made to supply the specified prize, if for any reason the supplier is unable to do so for reasons beyond its control then it may at its discretion substitute the prize for another.

  Any disputes regarding the supply of prizes are strictly between the sponsoring / participating company, described in the game and the winner of the prize. The Good Food Game may at its discretion provide assistance in resolving such matters but in doing so accepts no responsibility of any kind.

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