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SweeTango® apples are the hottest apple in the world right now and it’s all about texture!

SweeTango® have cells that are twice the size of normal apples which gives them their legendary crunch and makes them amazing to eat. It’s also the reason why they’ve been scientifically proven to be the loudest apple in the world!

Bred by the University of Minnesota, who are known for developing unique varieties, SweeTango® has a flavour that is rich and intense at a time when many apples are becoming bland.

SweeTango® apples are ready in late January, before any other fresh commercial apple varieties are available. And because The Yummy Fruit Company are the only company growing them outside of the United States it means we get to enjoy them first each season!

Launching a new apple, even one as good as the SweeTango®, into the market is a major undertaking as Paul Paynter from The Yummy Fruit Company explained.

“Launching new varieties is a chicken and egg situation. Unless you have lots of apples you can’t really launch and you don’t want to plant and grow lots of apples until they know the demand is out there…unless you’re us.‘’

“We think the SweeTango® is a great apple. It’s early so it gives people fresh apples when there isn’t much else around and the light crunchy texture fits well with the summer season. We’ve committed to plant 150,000 trees by 2015. That shows just how good we think this apple is.”

And while 150,000 is a huge commitment Paul and the team at The Yummy Fruit Company team are passionate about getting Kiwis to eat more fresh locally grown fruit and SweeTango® is an important part of this.

“Our job at Yummy is to make people want to eat fruit. You can tell them all day long about how good it is for them, but that’s such a boring message. So we figure we should just make the experience AMAZING and then the getting them to eat it bit will take care of itself. The junk food aisle is full of cool packaging and sharp looking products so it’s competitive and they can turn around a new product in a couple of months. For us it takes can take a decade to find a new apple, plant the trees and bring them into production – and that is the super fast track. For us SweeTango® represents a huge opportunity and we are incredibly excited about it.”

SweeTango® apples are available at New World, Pak ‘n’ Save, Nosh and at all good fruit retailers between January and April (subject to availability).

Press release, Yummy, 25 Feb 2015

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