How do you choose what products to include in the competitions?
The goodfoodgame has criteria for determining which products are appropriate to include on the site. These are based on health, environmental and other factors that fit within the theme of the site.  See the about page.

How do I enter a game?
Click the good food games navigation button under the logo in the banner. This will open the games list page. Click on any game to open it.  Click on the how to play tab on the right hand side of the page.

How many times can I enter a game?
A maximum of 3 times per game.

How do I know if I have won a prize?
Winners are notified by email and are asked to confirm their prize delivery address.  You can also check the winners list page in the sub menu of all game pages.

How do I change my registration or prize delivery details?
Log in, click the my account tab and then on the Edit my account tab in the right hand menu. Click the update my account button to finish.

Can I substitute a prize for something else?
No, please see the terms page.

What happens to the information I enter during registration?
Information is retained only for the purpose of informing the winners. All information(entries) are deleted when the game is completed and winners have been notified. See privacy page.