How to play

Register to enter

Make sure you have registered so you can enter the competitions.  To assist with the delivery of prizes we recommend you provide your prize delivery details in the registration form.

The games list page

Go to the games list page by clicking the good food games tab just below the logo at the top of each page.  Click on the game you want to enter.

Enter now panel

Check the conditions of entry to make sure you are eligible to enter including which region it is open to and whether there are age or other restrictions.  Check regions here.

Read the question

Make sure you understand the question before you look for the answer.

Click the find the answer here link

This link opens a new browser window to a page where you can find the answer.

Answer the question

Go back to the goodfoodgame entry window and type or paste your answer in the space provided.

Note: Only valid entries are processed which means you have to open the link to the window with the answer each time before you type in your answer and click the send entry button.

Number of entries

You can only enter each game a maximum of 3 times.


Winners are notified by e-mail and asked to confirm their prize delivery details. If a winner does not respond within seven days of notification, the game is redrawn.