About Us

What is the goodfoodgame?

We created the goodfoodgame because we believe that everyone should know about and have access to good food which we describe as food that is healthier for people and the environment. Our aim is to provide a place where food consumers, producers and retailers and anyone interested in the world of food can find and share information for the benefit of all.

Who manages the goodfoodgame?

The goodfoodgame is managed by Creative Resource & Management Ltd, a small New Zealand company that has specialised in promoting healthier food choices for many years.  The development of the 5+ADAY campaign for fresh fruit and vegetables and the goodfoodgame are just two examples of the kind of work we enjoy.

Kiwi to the core

The goodfoodgame has been built by and for New Zealanders in every respect and even the techo stuff is all locally sourced.

What criteria are used for site content

The Good Food Game aims to be objective and unbiased when deciding what content is appropriate to publishing on the site.

Any health or nutrition related claims made by food companies about their products must be substantiated and be compliant with the Food Standards Code. We will try to maintain a balance of products on the site and represent as wider range as possible from the main food categories.

The Heart Foundation supports the site providing advice and assistance while all editorial and advertising decisions are the sole responsibility of the Good Food Game.

Advertising on the Good Food Game must comply with the Advertising Standards Authority’s Codes of Practice, especially the Code for Advertising of Food and the Children’s Code for Advertising Food 2010.

Views and opinions

The views and opinions in the articles and or articles comments and articles  this site belong solely to the authors of that content and do not necessarily refect those of the goodfoodgame. Any views or opinions represented in the comments are personal and are those of the respective commentator/contributor to this site.