About the games


The good food game competitions are a fun and interesting way to learn about healthier food products that you may not be aware of and possibly win something good while you do so.  Competitions are only open to registered users. They could last a day, a week or longer and be drawn weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Each one has a prize and conditions of entry.  To keep up with the play and receive new game alerts and special offers you need to 'subscribe' in the registration panel.

How many competitions can I enter?

You can enter as many competitions as you like a maximum of 3 times. 

How often do the competitions change?

New competitions can be posted at any time so it pays to check regularly.

How will I know I have won a prize and how will I receive it?

Winners are selected by a random draw from all valid entries received for a particular game.  The GFG notifies winners by e mail to the address they supplied when registering. You can check the Winners List panel to see if you have won a  prize.

In most cases the prizes are sent by the company that is represented in a particular game. Occasionally they will be sent by the GFG. It is very important that you provide the correct information during registration because we use that information to advise you if you have won a prize and to confirm where it will be delivered to. 


Prizes cannot be exchanged for other goods and or money and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the drawing of prizes.  

Some of the competitions contain special conditions. These are shown on the game entry panel and may include which region in New Zealand the game is open to or what age you need to be to enter a game such as in the case of alcoholic products.